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Solved: I need a disk cloning recommendation

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I purchased TI10 during Oct 2006. For > 2 months, I have been trying to get it to work. I want to clone a Hard Disk Drive [ HDD ], by using the bootable feature, so I can avoid installing the product. I want to do this to avoid damaging the computer's file system.

I tried to clone from 1 SATA HDD, Western Digital 80 GB to a 2nd SATA HDD, Western Digital 80 GB. Acronis tech support has been uncooperative. They asked me to prepare a report. I did. I sent it to them, twice. I am still trying to resolve that issue.

Norton Ghost 10 does not have the feature [ cloning, using bootable CD ].

I was able to successfully use Norton Ghost 2003. NG 2003 doesn't support USB drives.

Can you recommend a different product, 1 that supports SATA HDD cloning as well as cloning to USB drives?

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What is your specific issue with Acronis TI? I use it here all the time with USB drives as well as over the network.
Let me see if I have this right.

You downloaded TI.

You installed it on your system.

You created a recovery boot CD.

You booted that CD.

Is that correct? If not, that's the porcess for generating a bootable recovery CD.
OK, never knew that there was an image for the boot disk that you could download directly. I guess I never needed one... :)
Did you try calling Acronis back at the number posted? Did you figure this one out?
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