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Solved: I apologise

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Hello everybody,

I am sorry for posting regarding copying a CD, I thought that if you had purchased the CD and trying to copy it for personal use it would be ok.

Once again sorry.

Ian :eek:
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Hi Linskyjack,

That's exactly why I wanted to copy this CD, it is scratched and sometimes it will work and other times it won't. I tried to copy it with Nero, it copies it but when i try and use it it won't install.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks everybody, I have been successful in using a program to copy it.

Thanks again.

You could always buy the NFR version. It only costs 10-15.00 and is perfectly legal. They will send it to you with their blessing
I have to admit that I don't know what NFR means, I must be thick.

Ian :confused:
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