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I have four systems that I'd like to be able to share information between.
Not using a "server" approach, but a "workgroup" approach. However, there is
a twist.

1) Using a four port router to permit internet access for three systems.
2) Using internet sharing on one PC to permit internet access for the fourth
system (don't have location of 4th PC wired, with no plans to wire it or use

Now, the problem:
1) Three of the systems can map easily to the shared folders of each other
and the primary home system (i.e. \\<sysName>\<sharedFolder>).
2) The fourth system (connected to 2nd eithernet card on third system, and
it using internet sharing) cannot use the same method to access the primary
system. It must use the IP address to map to the folder (i.e.
3) The IP address is not always consistant after powerdown/restart, so the
fixed map of the fourth system must be reentered (at times.)
4) All firewalls are turned off for all systems.

How can I have the "network" (workgroup) recognize the fourth system
(although it is directly connected to the third system using an eithernet
patch cable) to permit sharing of information with that system?

Thank you for your help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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