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Solved: Help understanding Strange Desktop Icon

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Hey folks,
Yesterday I noticed that there was a strange icon on my pc desktop. When I try to open it, the scree is left blank. When I view its properties, it just claims that it is a process.
Can anybody help identify this for me? Is it Dangerous? Is it a form of keysttroke software or spyware?
It is labeled as follows:

Do I need to be concerned.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi and welcome.
Dosen't look a good process.
Can you right click and End the process?

What Anti-virus and Spyware programs are you using??
Have you scanned your system with them?
I have tried to open it and nothing happens. I also have tried to right click and close it but am unable to. I have reason to believe that it may be some sort of spyware. I share the pc with my wife, we are having problems.
Thank you for your help. I was able to remove it with Norton Antivirus.
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