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Solved: Help! MS Word won't see my fonts

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I have a problem which I think may be the result of removing some software applications from my pc on 1st January (long overdue tidy up).

MS Word doesn't seem to be able to access the fonts on my computer.

If I open a new document, Word seems to open normally, but if I try to select a different font, it doesn't show the fonts that I know are available on my pc (see attached gif file).

All other applications seem to work normally, except for Powerpoint which has a similar issue.

Some of my existing documents, when opened, won't display the correct font. Others do, but I suspect that these documents are based on templates other than

I've checked out, and it doesn't seem to be corrupted.

Any ideas?


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Pleased to say I've solved the problem - sometimes asking your kids reveals that they know more than you do!

Somehow the default printer on my pc had been reset to the Generic/Text only printer - I redefined the default printer and everything's OK now.
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