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Solved: Help! Brother Printer Setup is not working.

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Hello all! My friend has a Dell desktop Visaro with windows Vista 32 bit. She bought a brother printer and tried to connect it. It was strange the software did not load up on her desktop. You know you usually get a exe.setup instead she had to open it to all these files. Well that did not work for a setup for her. So we went to the Brothers site and downloaded the software from there with her exact Vista 32 bit full software download and it is not working at all. We are like what the heck!!:confused:

Can someone help us with this issues.

Thanks tons.
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In control panel click devices and printers. Do you see the printer there? does it have any yellow or red symbol on it?
Not any symbols on them. It does say error 9 that is it when trying to print.
She has the default printer is Brother MFC-8870DW USB
in "devices and printers, can you try right clicking the printer, then clicking printer properties, and under the general tab look for an option to print test page. Click it, does it print a test page?

What exactly happens? if a dialogue box or error message comes up what exactly does it say? Can you post a photo of any error message?
No it does not do a test print. It says error with info. It says document pending.
can you post a picture of the error message?
Hey it is solved had to call Brother.. Thanks for your help.
For whatever reason there were different brother printers in the control panel printer area. We had to get rid of them and choose one which was the one we were to use. Then delete the rest and use the main one as a default.
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