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Solved: Hardware firewall - did I luck out

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My VOIP company sent me a router/adapter. I installed using their settings. Nothing more.

Since then Zone Alarm has not recorded any intrusions so I guess they are being caught at router/adapter.

I always thought a hardware firewall required a techno geek and the changing of lots of settings to install.

Is it normal that a nerd setting up a VOIP would accidentally do the job? I'm concerned that I may have gummed something up and creeps are slipping by ZA because of something I didn't know to do with the router/adapter.

Any calming words will be appreciated.


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The VoIP adapter has a NAT layer, aka firewall. This blocks any incoming unsolicited request. There's a downside to this protection, you can't forward ports from the outside. :)

When I had my VoIP adapter in front of the router, I configured the VoIP to put my router in the DMZ of it's NAT layer so all the requests came through. This allowed my to basically ignore the VoIP box.
Glad we could help.

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