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Solved: Happy Birthday deh!

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Happy Happy Birthday deh!!!!!

You mentioned your bday to someone, so I just had to post it. hehe Hope you have a good one, and get a great present from your g/f. :)

Don't forget, certificates, and lots of jewelry for her xmas stocking! :D:D:D;)


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Oh, oh, someone tried to pull a fast one! So duh, you got caught anyway so have a great birthday and have fun. :D :cool:
Many happy returns of the day, deh:D :cool:

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Happy Birthday, deh! I'll tip one in your honor! :)
Happy Birthday deh! Hope you have a wonderful one! Take care. angel

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Well happy birthday to you. :)

What day is your birthday?
Happy Birthday DEH!!!!!

I would give you the old fashion..NJ salute but That would involve a showing of the moon ..not seen in the sky or anywhere else except in a drunken state and seeing this is a family friendly sight , I will just wish you a hangover free, getting lucky, having your bills all paid or just having a 20 in your wallet at the end of the night , kind of birthday!!!!! ;) :p..:D
Thanks all. It was a good one. I appreciate all your B-Day wishes. Next up Xmas, then New Year's. Wow, does my body hate December ;).
Better late than never. Hope it was a good one. I have met you half way with your prezzy.
My beer, your temperature.


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Happy B-day deh!

Keep posting here at TSG! Your presence is welcome and appreciated.

I only got one question: How the Heck do you pronounced "deh"? :D
Thanks pyritechips.

hmmmm never thought or pronunciation, guess it would be either 3 syllables D-E-H or maybe even DAY.
Belated Bappy Hirthday!

And at least it's better than "Duh"! :D

I was thinking more along the lines of Harry Belefonte's "Banana Boat Song": "Mees a DEH - OH! Daylight come and me want to go home!"
Yeah Jim,
But that's usually what happens the morning after the birthday party!!!!

:D ;) :p
HA I like it pyritechips, Duh maybe not but once in awhile I could go with DOH! ;)

I can attest the "the day after" FJ perhaps it was Duh.
Happy Birthday, Duh! Sorry its late, but I've been embroiled in an arse kicking contest--I suspect eggplant, CQ, and Rep's arses are pretty sore at this point! Now I've got to take care of DN and Tipacanoe! ;)
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