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Solved: Graphics driver update leads to lower performance

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Hi guys,
I recently upgraded my graphics card driver for my Toshiba Tecra (It is an Intel mobile express chip, 256Mb). I got the most recent driver from the Toshiba website. I am playing Civilization IV on my rig, before the update of the drivers there was slight clipping on 3d movies in game, but everything ran smothly. After the update, the clipping has gone away, but now the videos run very choppy! Like it plays 5 frames, frezes for 15 secounds than plays another 5 frames. What would have cause a downgrade in preformance like this? Is there a forseeable fix? Thanks guys!
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This might sound stupid but are you sure you downloaded the right drivers or maybe you didn't download the right drivers for your OS, since this sounds very odd. Maybe try changing the setting in Civilization IV that would better suite your rig. Maybe check out the minimum requierements for the game and set your setting accordingly!?
Thanks redletter days,
However I am certain I downloaded the correct drivers. In fact my tech level is pretty high, I am a computer science major and have worked in tech support for years. So I have tried all of the usual stuff. Thanks for the quick reply though!
Try rolling back to the old driver.
Well Obviously that is an option, however that would send me back to clipping.
I just thought you might prefer that.

Don't take this the wrong way but are you sure that computer is capable of running the game perfectly ?
Oh, hahaha! Not taken wrong at all! My Geforce 8800 fried on my old rig (It was AGP YUCK!) so I am saving my money for a whole new rig, until them I am stuck on this laptop! I am pretty sure it can't run the game perfectly, lol, however it is hella weird that updating the drivers would cause worse performance. P.S. the old drivers where the vista installed drivers! LOL!
I remember once upgrading graphics drivers on my old laptop (also a Toshiba model) and I could no longer watch DVDs... so it seems Toshiba cannot always be trusted when it comes to their graphics drivers.

Did you download the drivers from Toshiba, or from the graphics card manufacturers website?
Download them from intel. Think you said it was an intel gpu. Max.
Thanks, I will try downloading them from Intel, I don't know why I did not think of that! Lets see if that works, thanks guys!
SOLVED- Thanks guys, downloading them from Intel totally did the trick, they were about 14 revisions past the ones on the Toshiba, now I have no frame rate problems and no clipping. I wonder if Vista downloaded newer drivers than the ones on the Toshiba website. Toshiba =Fail
Yeah, I've no doubt their. Great, Glad you got it sorted. Max.
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