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Solved: GetSystemTime() - Visual C++

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i've been looking around on the net for days now, trying to find out how the GetSystemTime() function works in visual c++.

all i want to do is to have the date and time on my console screen at all times. someone told me i should be using the time intrrupt, but i have no idea how to do that either.

can anyone give me the code on how to read the date and time, from the system and then show it on the screen so it automatically gets updated by the second.

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Yes. Some people call it the DOS box too.
i think you miss understood me. let me make it clear. i am using Visual C++ under windows xp. now when you compile a programme a box pops up to run the ".exe" file. some people call that box the console box/screen, some call it the dos box, i don't know. it makes no difference what you call it. anyhow, all i want is to have the time on that screen. i dont want it to show the time at which the programme was ran. i want to show the time and update it every second. i asked my professor at uni and he said it needed an intrrupt, so that every second the time will jump a second and i get a clock on the screen. but he wasn't sure and he is looking to find the function that does this for me. but i am just posting this on here to see if i can find out the answer before he does, so i can get this thing done!

thats all. sorry for any confusion.
and thanks for your concern
Thank you, now i know that you didnt missunderstand! this is exactly what i want.

i wanted this as a part of a bigger project, so now, having the code for it, i can manage to put this into the other project and sort things out.

thank you so much for the help.
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