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Solved: formatted dell laptop, no cdrom detected

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Hi I have a dell lattiuted cpi with swappable drives. I formatted the hard drive to put windows 2000 on it, but it will not see cd drive. I made a bootdisk(98se) and booted it without cdrom support and tried to load something called cdromsetup and mscdex.exe and everytime i do, it says please insert disk setupa: or setupb: What in the world did I do? I know that I need the cdrom driver loaded but How?
Thanks for any help.
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Hi Rodeo, I had the exact same problem last summer with a used IBM thinkpad. After going through all the runaround of everybody's suggestions (from CNet, not here), I finally went to a local hole-in-the-wall computer repair place and paid them $10 to load CD drivers on using an external floppy drive -- only because I couldn't find anybody with an external floppy I could borrow.

It's not the best solution, I know, but it may save you days of frustration.
Okay, wait a second, I just re-read your posts and it looks like my problem WASN'T the same! But in the same neighborhood, so here goes:

You've got a floppy drive, right? And the CD drivers (MSCDEX.EXE, etc.) on a floppy disk, right? So all you need to do is to know how to copy them in DOS?

If that's the case:

(Assuming that those are the correct drivers) at the C: prompt type:

copy a:mscdex.exe c:\windows\dos
copy a:cdsetup.exe c:\windows\dos

(Um ... folks? Is that the right directory to copy them to? I'm a little rusty on my DOS ...)

Also, you need to put a reference to these files into AUTOEXEC.BAT, too, I think ... but I forget exactly what that reference would be, too ... um, li'l help, folks?

<sarcasm>LOL, I'm really making a good impression on my first day here!</sarcasm>

But serious: If I understand your question right, Rodeo, that might be pointing you in the right direction ... maybe ... And maybe somebody else who's not as scattered as I am at the moment can point you the rest of the way?
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Remember, Rodeo, I said that there needed to be a reference to the driver in AUTOEXEC.BAT -- did you add a line to that batch file? If not, that may be why it's not working.

Also: Now that I'm home, I'm checking my own laptop, and I'm finding that MSCDEX.EXE is also in two other directories:

C:\MTM (that's probably specific to my computer's CD drive); and

While we're at it, just for fun, also copy it to:




Now try running CDSETUP.

You said that you tried running it before and it couldn't find the driver (MSCDEX), so maybe now it can, and maybe it'll add that pesky line to AUTOEXEC.BAT for you ... (and me!)

Or MAYBE one of the helpful folks out there can tell us what that autoexec line should be (and one for CONFIG.SYS too, now that I think about it), since I'm drawing a blank ...

(Sorry, I told you I was rusty! I've been using XP for over a year now ... )
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Okay, assuming that's not what you're saying: Go to C: prompt and type CDSETUP, hit the enter key and see what happens -- assuming you copied MSCDEX.EXE to those places I suggested. (Um ... you didn't need to copy AUTOEXEC.BAT, but I don't think it should hurt ...)

Then reboot and see if the CD-ROM drive shows up. (Hint: At DOS prompt type D: -- put a CD in it first -- and see it if fails to give you an error ...)
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