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(Solved) Font problem?

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I have Ultimate Family Tree which has some garbled text in report mode. The help from them says I have too many fonts installed and it has "confused" the program. I have over 400 and they say 100-no more than 200 should be installed. How do I know what fonts are original Win98 so I don't delete original fonts and if I delete others will other programs not operate, adobe,MS word,Lotus,etc... Can you help?
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HI this is a picture of my fonts but it is too big I think.
just create another it"fonts2" or something,put whatever fonts you dont use or need into it and move it to another destination........maybe your"my docs" folder.
doing it this way you can always re-insert any fonts you may need later.
hope this helps;)
Hi, Stuffed it up and will try again.

This is a picture of my fonts that I have in XP. I use M$ Office but if you have programs that use fancy fonts you might have to reinstall it to it them back.

If you just keep the ones I have you should be alright. Peace Mal
Once again, my browser failed last time. I am not having much luck.


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fonts dated 4/23/99 are orginal to 98SE everything else can be deleted
You don't actually have to lose those fonts, just uninstall them and save the TTF file in case you later want to use them. There are also font managers that allow you to have profiles of fonts that have maybe 50 installed at a time, and they switch out which fonts you have based on the profile you select. If you do a web search, you should find a number of font managers.
Thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions and help. I got Steve's suggestion first and followed it. It worked like a charm and has my software program working. Thank you all for your suggestions!!!
After downloading some fonts, do I need "Winzip" to extracate or unzip them first beore installing?? Where can I get a complete guide re: downloading and installing fonts? Thx.... missfuffy
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