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Solved: Flexible Sealant for base of house

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I'm looking for some sort of "flexible" sealant to put at the base of my house. It needs to be about 2-3" or so that I have to build up. It's where the house meets the cement outside. It has to be flexible because of the constant heat or cold. This would allow the sealant to stay fixed to the cement and not crack. This sealant will be used to stop any water or snow when melted, to get between the base of the house and cement. Thanks
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It needs to be about 2-3" or so that I have to build up
The gap is too large. You need to reduce the gap to less than a quarter of an inch with concrete and then use an external flexible sealant.
Something to consider. When I used to work on log homes in the 1990s, we used to use what is called backer rod. We used it in between the logs, and at the foundation level. Here is an example:
I looked at the gap, it's about 1/2 Inch. I wanted to "build up" that area so there wasn't a chance for water to get in. Thanks for your info in this matter. I will look at mtzlplex's site, thanks again.
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What mtzlplex has suggested looks like it will do the job well. :up:
Also call or email them because they would know what is better to use and they have a lot to pick from.

Questions? Email [email protected]
Or call 1-800-474-7570 / 602-272-8128
You'll get a prompt response !
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