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Solved: Excel Nested IFs

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I am trying to create an IF formula in a retirement calculator that returns zero in column "K" ("Savings Open Balance") up until retirement age but then picks up column "J" (Closing Balance") in cell 'J23".....the problem is that after that, the "K" column must pick up the result of the "N" column amount in retirement closing balance to complete future money. I can't figure out how to reference both the relative J28 cells and the N24 cells as the retirement dates change.

refer to attachment.

Hope this is clear.


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If you put this formula in K20 and drag it down to K28 ...


So it is checking if the age is the year after retirement and returning the closing balance from the preceding year in Col J, or if older than 54, the closing balance from the preceding year in Col N ... or for years up to and including retirement, returning a 0

It's pretty simple once you get your logic straight!!

I was trying (unsuccessfully) to use the J column closing balance as the trigger and it was running into itself. Using the age relative to the retirement date works like a charm.

Thanks much!
It's often the way with IF formulas that you need to home in on the simplest logic. If you've got your answer, you can mark the thread as solved :)
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