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Solved: e6300 1.8Ghz running at 1.6

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Windows Vista sp1
intel dp965lt motherboard
intel core duo 2 1.8
seagate barricuda hard drive 320dg 7200.10 SATA II
1gig ddr ram
nVidia 7600 gt

Have run cpu-z and pc wizard and found that the cpu is running at 1.596Ghz. Checked in cpu-z and it reports multiplier at 6x. Does anyone know how to go about changing this from the bios?

I took the misfortune of buying this awful board which has been nothing but problems. The latest problem is that the new bios update has actually resulted in the bios screen freezing once it is entered!!!

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You do not need to worry mate, this is completely normal. Newer CPUs lower their clock speed when they sit idle or doing lightweight tasks. That way they consume less power and emit less heat. If you load a heavy application the CPU will speed up to its maximum clock speed. To see for yourself, load a CPU intensive application like a game, ALT+TAB and now load CPU-Z...What does it show now? ;)
Cheers mate. tried running unreal 3 whilst cpu-z was open and the multiplier went up to 7x with the core speed rising to 1.85Ghz. Much appreciated.
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