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Windows XP pro SP2 All updates.
AMD1.00 Ghz 768 MB ram.
256 Radon

I have a old DVD drive that worked when I last used it, In a different computer.
Pioneer A-01 Or DVD 101. Set to master, on IDE2 Master.

I downloaded, DVDXPlayerSetup.exe Free trial,
When I open the program, it crashes after a few seconds of being opened with a DVD in the drive. Windows asks me to report the error, so I do. and the program closes.

My first guess would be the driver, ( I tried to update driver with windows, no drivers found.
On a search for drivers for XP for the DVD drive,
This is all I can find,

DVD-101 Firmware Update Procedure

1. Connect DVD-101 to Secondary IDE configured as a master.

2. Make a bootable diskette and include the following files:
ANSI.SYS (whose version corresponds to the Operating System used).
MSCDEX.EXE (whose version corresponds to the OS used).
ATAPI_CD.SYS (Pioneer version 3.05, file date 08-07-97).
UPDVDA.EXE (file date 06-19-97).
V117.HEX (file date 02-25-99)

3. Make sure that the DOS driver ATAPI_CD.SYS and the ANSI driver ANSI.SYS
is loaded via CONFIG.SYS.

4. In AUTOEXEC.BAT, make sure that MSCDEX is called.

5. Boot the computer using this diskette. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-PROGRAM

6. After the computer completes the boot sequence, issue the following
command at the DOS prompt:
A:\>UPDVDA /2 V117.HEX


Using XP, THis is not what I need, However I thought it would be worth a try,

I managed to fine a ANSI.SYS in windows XP, but cant find the MSCDEX.EXE, for XP.

Could someone help me to get this DVD drive going again?? ( I am also not sure about the AUTOEXEC.BAT or what this part means)....

I am self taught on PC's, and windows, On a scale of 1 to 10 I am probably about a 5..

Thanks in advance.

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the ansi.sys and mscdex.exe are DOS entities, that is why you
had trouble finding them in reference to XP. they would be
used in a DOS operation to flash your dvd.

i would look for another dvd playerfirst and try that. assume the
drive works good and find software to do it. doing a firmware
upgrade is like beating the drive over the head. firmware flashing
is risky and should only be done when absolutely necessary, that
firmware upgrade maybe has nothing to do with playing dvd movie.
do you know what the firmware upgrade was for?

there are lots of dvd movie players

win media player will play dvd files

ffshow and vlc are other players.

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CD/DVD drives do not need any drivers other than the standard windows drivers that come with XP. Are you only having trouble playing DVD movies or can you not access any DVD content (brows the disk)?

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I failed to mention that Windows media player along with other players all do the same thing, I can browse the dvd, Just cant play it.. I think the DVD drive may be bad..

I have disconected my second hard drive, so I just have windows on ide 1, and the DVD on ide 2, set to master. I did find a program called up101.bat, and when I run that from the dos, it says that it cant find the cd device or something like that..

The DVD X player crashes when playing regular MPEG files too?? I just checked that out windows media player will play them?? Perhaps its not a DVDplayer issue.. What are some other players out there that are good to use??

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Well, I figured it out. A friend gave me a copy of Power DVD 5.0. It installed and the dvd now works perfect.. I had tried all the free trials to get it to work but they all did the same thing. The player Crashed when the DVD player would start playing the actual movie.

So Something with the Power DVD Player CD. (As I had tried the online version of the Power DVD.??

So Thanks for the help anyway people...
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