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Solved: Disk i/o error ntdetect failed

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I need help. I'm trying to reload windows 2k. I have used fdisk to clean the HD. Insert the boot disk 1 of 4. I get an error message.
Checking system config and setup

"Disk i/o error: status=00001009

I have had this error before and solved it, somehow? I dont know how I did though. :confused:
System spec's
Pent 3
733 mhz
256 ram
40 gig HD- thats empty

Please help and Thanks
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This wont boot from cd. The bios is set to boot from floppy and cd and hd. Also the HD is clean. I not sure you can still do a repair with a blank HD.
Thanks runnyooze,
Problem solved by 4 new disk. I should remember that by now. Had this prob before.
Thanks again
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