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Solved: Disk i/o error ntdetect failed

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I need help. I'm trying to reload windows 2k. I have used fdisk to clean the HD. Insert the boot disk 1 of 4. I get an error message.
Checking system config and setup

"Disk i/o error: status=00001009

I have had this error before and solved it, somehow? I dont know how I did though. :confused:
System spec's
Pent 3
733 mhz
256 ram
40 gig HD- thats empty

Please help and Thanks
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1. Start the computer from the Windows 2000 CD-ROM.
2. At the "Welcome to Setup" menu select R for repair.
3. Select Manual Repair.
4. Select only Startup Environment from the repair options.
5. When prompted, insert the Emergency Repair Disk (ERD). If you do not have an ERD you can proceed without one.
6. When the repair process is completed, remove the ERD from the floppy disk drive, and then press ENTER to restart the computer.
hey sparky try to get an emergency rescue disk erd this will help
Start your computer, it can be running MS-DOS, WFW, Windows 95/98 or NT.

Insert the Windows 2000 installation CD into the drive.

Open a command prompt ( in MS-DOS, WFW or Windows 95/98 or cmd.exe if Windows NT).

Change directories to the BOODISK folder on the CD-ROM.
Where "X" is your CD-ROM drive letter.

Enter the following command and touch enter.
X:\bootdisk> makeboot a:
You will need 4 formatted floppy disks.
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i did it i solved a problem oh my im jumping for joy your very welcome sparky!
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