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(Solved) DirectCD doesn't recognize blank disk for formatting.

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For many months I used Adaptec/Roxio programs for burning CD's. Then a few weeks ago I removed them and installed Nero and began using it. Yesterday I decided to uninstall Nero and go back to Adaptec.

When using Adaptec months ago, all I had to do was insert a blank CD-R and within 10-15 seconds a DirectCD message would come onscreen asking me how I wanted to format the blank disk and then had me choose a name designation of 11 letters or less. My problem now is that whenever I insert a CD-R, blank or otherwise, Easy CD Creator 4 -- not DirectCD -- is displayed.

At one point an Adaptec DirectCD Wizard 3.03 Drive Information box informed me that there is no supported CD-R/CD-RW drive. Assuming that this is where my problem lies, what must I do to ensure that I DO have a supported CD-R/CD-RW drive?

I have already gone to Control Panel and the Device Manager tab and checked Auto Insert Notification, closed it out and then restarted my computer, but nothing changed. I'm simply trying to get DirectCD to recognize my disk whenver I insert it. I would greatly appreciate help in clearing up this matter.

Thank you,
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Uninstall and reinstall DirectCD.

Get the latest update for DirectCD:
I did as you said and now everything's working fine. Thank you VERY much for your help!
My pleasure. It is nice when the easy stuff works.
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