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Solved: Destination host unreachable.

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I have done with network of 8 networks then 4 LAN's as departments.
First I have done successfully the connect from LAN 1 to LAN 2 and I can ping all hosts from LAN 1 to LAN 2 in both network and vice versa using RIP routing.
Second when I need to do same thing but I need LAN 3 to reach all LAN's and Facing Destination host unreachable problem.

what I should be do.
I hope you can help me to find where my mistake to solve it.

Thank you very much.


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Given that you are using RIP (an old routing protocol not used in current production environments), and the name of the file you attached is "assignment2", I think it's safe to assume this is a school assignment.

Unfortunately we cannot provide assistance with school assignments here.

I have asked for an administrator/moderator to stop by your thread.
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