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Solved: desktop background

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I have been trying to set my pics as a background but no matter what i do I can't set it. It want let me change it to another i have tried right chicking on pic and set as back ground but no luck I have even went to control panel and tried to change it thought appearance and themes it like it has me locked out i think their is a virus in it any help pretty please.I'm use win xp home dell dimension 3000
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Try this workaround:

Copy the picture to: C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper

Now right-click the desktop => Properties => Desktop and see if it's listed there.
no luck with that.It will not even let me scroll though the background menu
wilemdogs95, Go to the link below and nder the letter "W"--"Wallpaper - Desktop - Disable Changing" click on the words "Allow Wallpaper/Background Changes" to download a reg file fix. Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt.

the link you sent did not work it has me mind boggled i'm good with computers but for some reason this is beating me anymore lightbulbs showing up anyone
Try this one:
Line 142 - Right

I think it's the same as Tufenuf's, but the link might work.
Download the file and double-click.
I have tried it all I've tried kellys korner,regedit,registry cleaners even tried reinstall of win no luck must be some sort of virus guess i'll just back up my file and window wash the hole system clean and start over with clean computer.
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