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i d\l and installed a prgm... i can't remove it thru add/remove prgms or uninstall that came w/prgm [zone-alarm 30-day trial].

my neighbor said he'd fix it... he deleted a lot of zone-alarm stuff manually. the prgm is still in my prgm files. when i try to delete it i get this msg --

''an error occurred while trying to remove zonealarm pro. uninstallation has been cancelled''.

now, when i turn on the computer i get ''missing shortcut'' message with the searching flashlight.

how do i uninstall prgm?
how do i get rid of missing shortcut / flashlight?


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Hi Joyt,

As for ZoneAlarm, reinstall it on top of (what's left of) itself.

After doing that, reboot.

Now select 'Configure' from the main ZoneAlarm window, then deselect the 'Load ZoneAlarm at Startup' check box.
Reboot again. That way TrueVector and other ZA files will not be active during uninstall.
This causes most problems.

Now Uninstall Zonealarm by using the Add/remove applet, or from Start menu/Programs/Zone Labs/Uninstall ZoneAlarm.

Reboot. Subsequently verify that the following folders and files have been removed. If not, delete them:

- Directories:

1) Zone Labs from C:\Program Files
2) zonelabs from C:\Windows\System
3) Zone Labs from C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

- Files:

1) C:\Windows\System\vsdata.dll
2) C:\Windows\System\vsdata95.vxd
3) C:\Windows\System\vsmonapi.dll
4) C:\Windows\System\vsnetutils.dll
5) C:\Windows\System\vspubapi.dll
6) C:\Windows\System\vsutil.dll
7) C:\Windows\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\zapro
8) C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\zapro
9) C:\Windows\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\zonealarm
10) C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\zonealarm
11) All files in C:\Windows\Temp
12) C:\Windows\Internet Logs.

Good luck,
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