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(Solved) Defragging Problem

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After 6 months of good use, I decided to defrag Drive C. Here's the problem. Of my two options, "Rearranging program files" will only complete 10% then goes back to start--this cycle went on for 13 hours. "Check drive for errors" only completes 1% before endlessly returning to start. My os is Win98 on a P2-350 which has defragged no problem several times. I'm not noticing any dramatic problems anywhere else.

I haven't been this hopelessly fragged since playing Quake 3 against my son. Help would be appreciated.
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Hi fubart,
See what you have running in the background. Go to the clock on the right and right click each icon and disable them. then try to defrag
Shutdown everything running in the background and try it. More than likely one of your tsr's is interferring.

See this article;EN-US;q287914
The most common reason for defrag to loop is you have something running in the background. Ensure all other programs are shutdown including any screensaver, then try again.

Also if you have MS Office installed, it comes with a program called find fast that is always running in the background trying to index files. It needs to be shut off in the control panel.

Hope it helps
And Brian wins again!!!
or shutdown & come back into safe-mode & do your total maintenance... nothing runs in safe mode in the background

just hold the shift key down when it starts booting back up
Many thanks to all you guys for your collective advice ... worked like a charm. Now, if you could just straighten out my love life ......
Apologies to Savvy Lady! I made some gender dangerous assumptions ... (which might explain my love life).
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