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(Solved) dbase query for vb6

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I have an app that creates a dbase file from a dummy file. Works well in 98 an XP. I need it to work with 95 as well, but it comes up with '[ADODC]: Unknown Error. [ADO]' I cannot figure out what .dll file is not being registered for 95.

If I load vb6 then alls well again in 95. Help in this matter will be greatly appreciated...!
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Hiya and welcome

Found this in the newsgroups:

It looks like you did not include your ADO datacontrol
into installation package. Control does not exist on
another PC and tis why you cannot run application. Check
if control included into installation


eddie5659 seems right here. Check what you include when you make your setup package. VB 6 softwares do work in Win95.
to eddie and abvavguser... Thanks for the help. I added 4 additional .dll files and it seems to work great. It took a while to find the correct files. I'm not quite sure what their particular funtions are within the program.

Thanks again...
You are welcome!! Glad to have been of some help to you. :p
h2h: I got your email that you sent, but been a bit under the weather for the past few days. Still don't feel too brilliant today :(

Anyway, good to hear its all working again

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