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Solved: Creating New User

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Hello Everyone,

Happy 2007 everyone and thank you for taking the time to look at this thread. I would like to create a new user account but with the exact same settings, programs, and files of an existing one. I am using XP; thank you in advance for you help.

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Hi Dan O, Johndoeson, and Doublehelix,

Thank you all for responding. Doublehelix is correct; I would like to dupicate a profile with different ID. All I've been able to do is create a new account with no options to "copy" another account, I'm not given many options other than to select either "computer admin" or "limited access" account, change the name, create password, etc. This may be the same thing, but can I move pst from one account to another? Thanks again.
Hi Bonk and Doublehelix,

Yes, I could do that but like you said it'd still have to be tweaked. I will try it Doublehelix and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks guys.

IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY! I'm on the "cloned" account now and it looks exactly like the original. Thanks for your help and everyone else's it is greatly appreciated!!!

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