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Solved: CPU name changed

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Ok, I am having this very unique problem or atleast unique to me.. When I check system information Im told Im running a amd anthlon at 1300mhz, but my CPU I am currently using is a amd antlon xp 3000+ which atleast the last time I checked was running around about 2.2ghz..

Nothing has changed since then or since I purchased this pc from best buy quite a while back. So any ideas as far as what is going on here and how I can correct this issue would be appreciated..

Thank You.
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You may want to change the CMOS battery. What you just experienced is a good indication it may be on it's way out(or it already is and the problem will resurface if the power to the system is unplugged).
Could you post some system specs please? Mainly the motherboard, cpu and ram. It's always helpful to include your specs when having a hardware issue. You can get this information using a utility such as cpu-Z :

I'm thinking at this point a BIOS flash may be in order. It's best to do it using a floppy or a bootable CD-R. If you know your motherboard manufacturer and model you can take a look at some of the BIOS updates and the problems they address.

Try these steps for a good CMOS clear:

*Power down and unplug power to tower
*Push the power button on your tower to eliminate residual power
*Move jumper to clear position and leave it there overnight

It's somewhat of a long shot but believe it or not sometimes it actually does work.

The jumper on the motherboard probably didn't come off on it's own. The jumpers are typically snug on the pins. So it's possible it was never there in the first place.

Flashing with a bootable CD-R is possible but you might want to *try* and eliminate all other possibilities before taking that step.

I also want to verify that this is actually an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ and not an AMD64 3000+.
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I've been doing some reading on that motherboard. You are right. It's pretty much been abandoned. Apparently it's a bottom shelf motherboard built for emachines and apparently there is only 1 bios available for it.

What does CPU-Z report as your processor voltage? So far i see your CPU fsb is at 100 where i believe it should be at 166. Voltage in this case should be 1.65. I think you'll find your running at around 1.3volts. This indicates the processor maybe overheating and reducing it's speed and voltage.
Sorry I was not around to assist. I have been on-call this weekend and this was my first opportunity to check back with you. Happy to see you were able to get this resolved on your own. Nice work.:up:
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