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Solved: Computer keeps going on standby continuously

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Hi, I'm kinda new here.

Ok anyways, here goes:

I have been having problems lately with my computer - every time i switch it on, it goes to standby. Worse still, it keeps going on standby even when it's on standby. Makes sense? It's like it's posessed!

I've googled this problem, and it appears that it's a hardware problem, BUT, when i log in on safe mode, the problem disappears. So, being an average computer user, i'm pretty puzzled in the least. I have no idea what the problem was - I didn't install anything lately, or visit any webpages outside my usual ones. I haven't found a virus that acts this way, so I've ruled it out for now.

I've solved this problem for the time being by getting a registry key to permantly disable standby, while it works, it's more of going about the problem. What i'm afraid of is that the continued standbys were a sign of something wrong in the system.

Has anyone had the same problem? Help is much appreciated.

I'm running on Win XP (home), on 128mb of RAM, with a hard drive capacity of 40GB and a 1Ghz Intel Pentium 3 processor, if it helps. Oh, and i use SP2.

Thank you.
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I've seen this before on an old machine that was well and truly knackered so we ending up replacing it, so we cant be sure exactly what the cause was, but hardware is certainly a good bet.
One possible fix maybe to flash the bios - you'll need to check the PC manufacturers website to see if there are any updates and instructions on how to do this.
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