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I am running windowsME on an E machine with 256M RAM.
Installed a HP Business Inkjet 1100d printer about 6 months ago.

Now, I get a message that the computer can't find the software for the printer.

I tried to reinstall the software with the setup CD.

While reinstalling the software I got these error messages:

On the installer information Screen;
Internal error 2893
hp business inkjet 1100 series

After clicking OK, goes the next screen and displays the message:

Name must be less than 23 characters

The name has been put by the software and is "hp business inkjet 1100 series"

By deleting 2 characters for the name and clicking OK, Goes to the next series of screens. Runs until I see "Copying Plug and Play Files"

Then there is this message form the Setup Screen:

The hp business inkjet 1100 series Setup progarm has
encountered a severe error and will now exit.
Restart your computer and run Setup again.

After restarting computer and running Setup again, Get the same error messages.
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