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Would someone kindly point me to the location of the folder that contains url's visited, so that I may delete them. I don't want to use a proprietary temporary cleaner if possible. Or should I leave them for the system to clean in its own time?

OS Win2K
450 Memory

Thank you,


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Penny, Here is the instructions to clear your temporary internet files (in Green), Cookies (in Blue) and the history (in Red)-- where you have been. The bold faced items should be done in the begining, no matter what task you need to complete.
1. Click on the start button.
2. Go to settings.
3. Go to control panel.
4. Double click on internet options.

5. Click on delete files button.
6. Check delete all offline content.
7. Click ok.

8. Click on the settings button.
9. Choose every visit to the page.
10. Click on the view files button.
11. Click the edit menu.
12. Click select all.
13. Press delete on your keyboard.
14. Close the window.
15. Click ok.

16. Click on the clear history button.
17. Click ok.
18. Click ok.

I personally do all items in order to optimize(??) your system. Good Luck


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If you have upgraded to IE6, it is easy. In the browser , tools, internet Options, then you can press a button to clear history.
What vintage is your browser?
Whups, beaten to it.
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