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Solved: Changing cpu in laptop

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Hi guys. Two questions really.

First one is, can i replace a i3-370M with an i3-390M with the same socket type?

Second, how do you detach the cpu from the board...???
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The only hardware upgrade option for practically all laptops is adding more RAM.

You didn't say how much RAM you have in your laptop and how RAM it supports.


The improvement from the Intel i3-370M 2.40 GHz processor and Intel i3-390M 2.66 GHz processor isn't much of a leap.

The CPU benchmark scores improve from 2029 to 2313.

Get hold of the hardware manual for your specific model.
If there is going to be any chance of doing it, it will be mentioned in there.
As Frank says, normally the only upgrade is adding more RAM, but there just might be a chance IF there is a model with a better CPU AND the BIOS supports it.
You might try doing a search for your laptop model and see if there are any how-to video's on disassembling. I would also question the upgrade as I don't see a huge performance boost in doing so.
the laptop supports 4gigs. I'm not doing it for a performance boost. The cpu died in my laptop, now i have to change it or replace the mobo. the manual does state that you can replace the cpu, however, looking at it, i'm not sure how to take it off.
It might help us help you if you tell us the full make and model of that machine.
Another question arises, even though the processor is replaceable, Are you positive the problem is a dead processor and not a dead motherboard? Or other component?
the page you suggested doesn't show how to remove my type of cpu. is it possible that it's an integrated into the board? on this board there's no "lifting device" or whatever, to remove it, it just has red silicone at the corners. I can't even put my small flat head screwdrive to pry it confused.

yes i am sure, i checked hp's blink codes......1 blink=cpu.
Just to check I am going off the pages (82-83) on the document and not the pdf program.
Never did see a picture posted by you... It is possible to be integrated.
There are many versions of the HP g6, please post the full model info, should be on a label on the bottom of the laptop and similar to g6-1337sa.

If the Cpu is replaceable it will look like the one in the picture below. You have to turn the screw in the left section of the white Cpu socket anti-clockwise to release the Cpu itself which you can then lift straight up.

If the Cpu is soldered to the motherboard there will be no white socket and you can only replace it with special soldering equipment which could cost more than another motherboard with Cpu so not really practical.

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Note that the heatsink and fan are "upside down" compared to the mobo in the above picture.
awesome pic.....mine does not look like that......i'm trying to post a pic, however it's not working out well........stay tuned.

mobo number is bd hm55 i3-370m uma
If you have the motherboard fully removed from the chassis its should look like the following right?


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Can't you tell if the Cpu is in a socket without posting a pic ? If it isn't in a socket you can't replace it.
yes managed....that's what i thought....but i wasn't sure.....there is no socket...and yes, that looks exactly like mine.
The picture shows a socket so:
Is there a socket or not??

and yes that looks exactly like mine - implies that there IS a socket

yet you say there is no socket.

I'm confused.... but that's not hard.
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