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[SOLVED] Cdrom puzzle...

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I'm installing Windows 98 on a coworkers computer, and everything was going fine until Windows started for the first time and it stopped recognizing the CD-Rom drive. It works in DOS, but Windows doesn't even recognize it's there. In Device Manager, the cdrom doesn't appear in the list. It's a Samsung 3230E 32x drive.
He also has a Creative AWE 32 sound card that has an IDE controller built into it. I'm going to format and reinstall windows without the soundcard, and see if that makes a difference. In the meantime, any advice would be very much appreciated.
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Where did you have the cdrom plugged into? The soundcard?
Shut down and unplug the IDE cable. Boot without the drive. Shut down and reconnect – also reseat the cable at the MB. Boot and there is a good chance the drive will be recognized and Windows will load the drivers.

Did you do a search for the drive in Add new hardware in control panel?
AcaCandy: No, it's plugged into the MB. I thought by removing the soundcard (and the IDE controller on the soundcard) that would reduce any possible conflicts causing the cd-drive to stop working.

slipe: Did as you said - no change.

I wasn't very clear earlier, this was a clean installation, and it was humming along fine until it started Windows to install the device drivers. Then it would pop up and ask for the Win98 disk (which was already in the drive, because it was installing...).
I posted this in the Hardware section, but I'm beginning to think it's more Windows related. I'd appreciate any help you can muster...
the link

I once had a similar problem. In order to work around it, I had to remove my sound, modem, and network card. Then install Windows. Then allow Windows to boot up for the first time. Afterwards, I added each card back in, one at a time. This proved to be successful.
Another suggestion is that you copy the win98 folder from your CD, onto your hard drive. Then run the install from there.

Good Luck:)
I had a Cd rom that was not being recognized by w98 as well. I had to follow the same steps as Columbo to get it to work.
I am [email protected], but I'm obviously not at work now...

Well, I've removed all the cards except the video card, and I still get the same scenario. During the Windows installation process, when it starts windows and is attempting to install things like the Com ports and such, it asks for the Win98 cd, even though it has been using it to install up to that point. I can cancel through the installation of everything it asks for (since it can't see the cd rom) and get to the desktop. No CDrom in the Device Manager.

Seeing as you are able to work with the CD-ROM in DOS, why don't you boot up with a Win98 boot-disk, then copy the folder called Win98 off of the CD, and onto your hard-drive. This way, when you are prompted for the CD (during setup of your COM ports and such), you can point to the Win98 folder on your hard drive. This folder has all the files that you'll need.

Post back with results.:)
AcaCandy: It's a Samsung. I've scoured the place for drivers and turned up nothing.

Columbo: I did as you said, and about three times while copying the files over to the HD, it would stop and say there was an error. I forget now what the error was, but no matter.

SOLVED: Well, sort of. I went back to work this weekend and snatched one a new CDRom drive to see if it would work, and it worked without a hitch. I put it back, and went and bought a new one. No problems since. Thanks for all your help, people. You folks are tops!
Thanks for letting us know.....I'll mark it Solved....I was leaning towards thinking you needed real mode drivers for your older cdrom....and if a new one solved the problem.....that more than likely was it......

Plus I think I'll merge this with your other thread, as it was a hardware issue after all.....
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