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Okay, so a few days ago, I found out that if I put a CD in the drive it makes a funny sound, (sort of like it sped up and put on the brakes). Then the autoplay doesn't work. If I go to "run" on the start menu and enter D:/ I get a message saying "d:/ is not accesible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O error." I have been dealing with this problem since Saturday and have still been unable to solve it. Any help would be appreciated.

Things I have tried already:
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the drive, no reboot between Uninstall and reinstall
  • Rolling back the computer to when I knew it worked (I'm running Windows XP)
  • Calling tech support
  • E-mailing the drive manufacturers (Samsung, still no reply) (It came with the computer so they might not have to)
  • Checking all of the internal cables
  • Removing and taking apart the drive
  • Posting to message boards and other forums
  • Looking for a new driver (Couldn't find one)

I am running Windows XP, and the drive in question is a Samsung CD-R/RW SW-240B,

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Hi and welcome. Will the drive work in dos mode.....
Look in the device manager if there's any error (right click "My computer" -> Manage -> Device manager) some device with an exclamation mark in its icon.
Try using another CDs, if you can try a original CD (silver plated) that is clean from dust, fingerprints and dirt nor scratched.
Try using a CD lens cleaner.
If after all this the drive keeps nonworking, then it's possible that your drive has died.
I don't know how to use the drive in DOS mode, so I can't say, but any help would be appreciated. Also, device manager says no problem. I've tried two different CDs, (Music and game) with no luck, unfortunately. Also, I haven't tried a lens cleaner either because I don't know what could have dirtied the lens.

Oh, and Happy Birthday AcaCandy


Thanks Trag ;)

You'll need to grab a boot disk, with XP, it may be just as easy to boot with a 98 boot disk, choose to start with cdrom support, the cdrom will be pushed one letter ahead, insert a cd in the drive, give it spin up time, then change to the drive letter by typing:

and press enter
(or depending on the number of drives in your computer, this could be F or even G)

If it changes letters, then type:

and press enter

Do you get a listing of the cd or an error message?
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My DVD-RW (different make to yours) has developed a similar problem. It will still play some disks and its always the same ones. If this gives anyone any clues as to how to fix this problem I'd love to know.
What is you're problem exactly, Monster? Also, I have tried a cleaning disk and had no luck.

I'm using Win ME- (an apt name medically speaking) which, if our problems are the same, could,explain the different messages. My drive does exactly the same thicg except when I double click the drive in My Computer it just says please insert a disc into Drive D:. I've got this topic under discussion in another thread called something like CD-Rom wont play CDs so you might want to check there periodically to see if anyone has posted anything of use to you.

Good Luck mate, I tried for ages to sort this a few months ago and then gave up cause I was getting nowhere, now its starting to bug me again so I'm giving it another try!
If I try to access a CD through media player it says no disk in drive as well.

Could try dropping in a $30 CD-ROM drive...
Originally posted by Trag:
If I try to access a CD through media player it says no disk in drive as well.

Have you tried reading a disc in dos mode????
I tried it from the command console, with no luck. I don't really want to try using the boot disk, and it doesn't matter now anyways since I just got a new drive for the computer which works great.


Matter resolved... bad drive.
You are clearly much more of an expert in this field than me, so don't take this the wrong way, but could you offer me any explanation why my drive will still play some particular disks?
Can you narrow it down to which it will play and which it won't? Burnt copies, vs store bought????
As drives get older or they technology gets outdated - they can't play disc that maybe "questionable".

Many CDs are ultra cheap and may have a harder time working in some drives... even new drives.

Like my old, now dead Pioneer DVD has problems playing some DVDs and CD-Rs - but worse was CD-RWs as those types of media were quite new back then when the drive was made.
Ok, cheers compiler.

Incidently AcaCandy it plays some shop bought pre-recorded disks and not others. For example it will always play Hitman 2 but never Alien vs Predator 2. As far a burnt disks are concerned it seems to play all of the ones I have tried so far, but if I try to burn to a CD it will not work as it does not recognise the blank disk! Its a weird one but its not necessarily the end of the world as I may be getting a new computer soon anyway.
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