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Solved: Can't use formatting options after upgrade

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With this new upgrade, when I click on the B or I or U or any of the other buttons above when writing a post, all that happens is that my view jumps to the top of the page. I no longer get the little boxes opening up in which to type the text to be formatted.

I noticed the same problem at Cyber Tech Help forums when they upgraded.

I assume that I can manually type the formatting tags, lets see:

Bold Italic Underline Bold Italic

Bold Italic Underlined

Can anyone tell me why I could use those features with the old format, but cannot use them after the upgrade?
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More things seem to work better in Netscape 7 then IE 6. :D

Like in IE if I click on the "Quick Links" at the menu bar at the top of the page the page moves up so everything above the menu bar is off the page.
Also in IE in the reply window if I click the smilies or any of the Buttons. The dropdown for the font, size and color don't work.
I get the IE error like this one here when I click any button. The line ??? number changes for each button.
Also got the same thing on the PM page.


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I cleared all cookies and IE temp files. I change to firewall settings many ways and I still get the same errors with IE.

Only other thing to try is lower IE Security setting but why should that having anything to do with it. I have the recommended setting for IE and ZA Pro.
I am not going to open up my Security setting just for this site.
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