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Solved: Can't edit with word viewer

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I need to edit documents and then e-mail them. I did this successfully with Wordpad until I downloaded WordViewer. Now all my documents open in WordViewer and I can't edit anything. I tried uninstalling WordViewer but then I got a message cannot open document no program found. I want to open my documents with WordPad or Easy Office 2001 Word Easy. Can anyone help I have a document I need to download and edit now. Thanks Donna
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Welcome to TSG!

Right-click the document you want to open, while holding the Shift key down. Select Open With. In the window that opens next, scroll down till you find the program you want to use to open the document. Select it. If you always want this type of document to open with this program, then make sure the "Always us this Program to open this type of File" selection is checked. Then click OK.

Basically, the Word Viewer changed your associations from having the docs opening in Wordpad to the Viewer. Just because you removed the viewer does not mean the associations were changed. Doing this should take you back to where you were.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I am a total computer illiterate and didn't know how I was going to get this job done. It worked wonderfully. Thank you so very much. Donna
What do I do to change WordViewer from opening my download documents. Example, I have an e-mail with a document to download, but WordViewer keeps opening it, I want to download to WordPad so I can edit it and e-mail back the corrections,
Thanks Donna
Glad to help!!


Now get back to work and edit that document!!!:p
Did you put a check in the box I told you to? That should mean that everytime you open a , for example *.doc, it will open with the program you selected, not the Viewer.

What is the file extension for the document you are trying to open? That's the 3 letter bit that comes after the period

I missed the 'check mark', I went back and did it to another document. you are a lifesaver, I have been panicking and didn't know who to ask. God bless you. Donna

*whew* you had me missing a few beats as well.

Glad it's sorted!
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