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Solved: cannot shut down my PC

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It used to be OK before, I cannot even remind myself any changes that might've happened to cause this problem now. It's thought to be simple:
start menu>close>shut down the system.
As simple as that. But then everything disappears like it's being closed and after quite a few seconds (it used to be faster) a message 'your system is being closed' occures but nothing happens after. rebooting and trying again don't help at all. the only way to shut my PC (I'm using Win98 by the way) is to press and hold on/off button on my PC tower when this stated message occures.
no idea how to sort it out...
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sorry guys but it didn't solve my problem
what i've noticed is that it takes incredibly long time till the message 'windows is being closed' displays. I mean from the moment I click 'shut down system'. It used to work faster.
And I still can't shut it....
there are just about nine processes running so I don't think it's the case. And I regularly clean up my PC from all of the 'incoming' stuff.
the strange thing is that it works now and I cannot remember any special changes on my PC. I just run SpybotS&D which found some problems and fixed them (however, I run it earlier with no result). that's all. it seems to me as it was some permanently error.
I visited the site you stated, flakyteabag. And the only thing I performed was :
run>msconfig>advanced>where I marked VGA 640x480x16 to see if the problem was in my graphics. Then reboot, the same again with unmarking this option. And then I just shut down my PC.
HA!! strange, isn't it??
THX guys...
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