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Solved: can you take a shot of open window to send in email

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Is there a way to copy a window to send in email? like a picture of outlook express hope this is explained right, if not let me know.. thanks ron
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ron24151 said:
OK i see the prnt screen key, i press it and the cursor blinks, i tried shift and print screen key nothing happens.. whats wrong here..
Try this:
press prt sc and press alt, at same time. Open ms paint then click edit then paste. It should show on the mspaint. Then go file "save as" and name the picture as a "jpeg file". Once saved, it should be in your C: Documents > my pictures folder. Find it and right click to edit it smaller to post wherever you want to.
Hope this is clearer for you

Carolyn :) < lazy ;)
Happy it worked for you. :up:

Just go to your 1st post in this thread and click on thread tools then mark "solved".

Have a good day

Carolyn :)
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