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Solved: Building Computer but hearing problems

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Am away to build a computer, i have seen it built and it runs ok....apparently. I have seen alot comments about it making alot of noise and overheating, plus someone said the machine idle's at 47 degrees Celsius and the fan runs at 4000 rpm don't know if thats normal,(also someone said the fan that come's with the processor is "crappy") but anyway heres the set-up am going to be using-

CPU- AMD(Piledriver) FX-6300 3.50GHz 6 core processor
MOBO - Gigabyte GA-970-UD3P AMD
GFX - Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Dual X Boost OC AMD Graphics card
RAM- 8GB (2x 4GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600MHz Dual Channel kit
PSU - EVGA 500W 80 plus power supply
HDD - 1TB Seagate Barracuda
DVD HD- Liteon 24x Internal SATA DVD RW Drive
CASE- Bitfenix Comrade Midi Tower

Am new to computer's so am definitely in over my head, wondering if the processor's fan is worth changing to a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (120mm) is it worth doing that? and would i manage that with watching a few videos online? anything else anyone could recommend would be great thanks.(Sidenote - I will be using it for games and long periods at a time, also am from the UK)
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Some thoughts on your build;
1 A coolermaster 212 is an excellent hsf. I have one installed on a fx4350 overclocked to 4.8gig and it never goes above 55C or so when running prime95; idles at 30~35C. In addition [at normal or light load] a coolermaster 212 is almost silent. Under a 100% load when stress testing, it is audible however not all that bad. If you have any intent on overclocking OR gaming, get the better cooler. If you are just going to do email, or office stuff, then use the stock cooler.
2 The pw supply you have selected is not a quality unit AND the video card requires a minimum of 500W. When you go with min spec, you make that part work at or near it's max rating most of the time. That lessens the life of the part.
3 No ssd??? A ssd drive is the single biggest boost to performance you can do for a system.

In short, get a better quality pw supply; at least 550~600W. Good ie recommended brands; corsair [only hx, tx, or ax models] seasonic, pcpower&cooling or FSP [only units with the 5yr warranty]

It would help if you posted exactly what the intended use would be for this system. If you intend to game with the system, I am not a big fan of budget gaming systems. You get what you pay for; go with low end or budget parts and you end up with an unstable system, bsod, freezes, etc.

Remember quality hardware and properly installed software do not reboot, freeze, bsod, etc; it just works.
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Just to add if you want to use the stock Amd cooler and a six core then opt for the 6350. It uses a cooper based cooler with heat tubes although there has been complaints it's loud it cools allot better than the aluminun one that comes with the 6300 cpu. I absolutely agree about the power supply not being of quality or enough for that system.
Too be clear am clueless when it comes to computer components and building.I saw this built on youtube and the guy goes step by step on how to build it, then shows it running fine with games at high graphics on 1080p, the comments on the video are all positive.I wouldn't be attempting this if i hadn't seen it step by step, yes i am that clueless.(would it better if i added links above to the parts am getting so its more specific?)

Anyway would this be easy enough to add and would it be compatible?-

Also would this be better a psu and would it be compatible? - (Or this don't see difference?)
I would stay away from the Corsair Builder Series. The difference in those two Corsair units is one is modular. I would recommend this as it is a SeaSonic made unit with a 5 year warranty. That Cpu cooler is not too hard to instal. Follow the instructions and you should be fine or watch a video on installation.
ah ok thanks and would that psu fit ok in the case with everything? and that cooler? am not even sure how to check sorry.(would everything connect into the psu the same as before? using a video guide)
Yes it will work fine. I would go for this exact model but moduar. That way you only use the power cables you need. Makes for a tidier case and much easier than routing all the cables you don't need behind the motherboard tray.
ok thanks for the link, so if i got that and the cooler master hyper 212 that should solve the noise/overheating issues and fit? Also would i need to get thermal paste for the fan? (the stock one i've seen just clips on)
The Cooler Master Cpu cooler will come with thermal compund. It will keep your cpu nice and cool and the case has a rear 120mm fan with an option for two 120mm fans in he front. I would at minimum add one to the front so you get the optimal front to rear air flow. The front one draws cool air in while the back exhausts the heat. Plus the front one will blow over your hard drives giving them cooler air.
Remember if you install a coolermaster 212 after the system is built, you must pull the mb to install the backplate. If the case has a cutout to access the mb tray, it may not be necessary to pull the board.
Test fit everything prior to applying the thermal compound. Be sure to position the fan so it blows air toward an exhaust fan and not back toward the center of the case.

The thermal compound that comes with the 212 is thicker than arctic silver and can be a little difficult to spread. I use a finger inside a plastic bag ie sandwich bag to spread the compound.

Just for reference, corsair does not build their own pw supplies. The high end ones are built by seasonic [maker of very high end stuff] The builder or cx line is mfg by ctw [maker of oem units] You purchase a cx and you have the equivalent of a dell or hp pw supply.
dell or hp pw supply good or bad? but yeah am that bad at this. I haven't ordered any of this yet am just researching before i do.Incase anyone was wondering this is the original info i had-

I've also been pointed to this case because the cooler 212 might not fit in the bitfenix midi case?

Should i stick with the bitfenix case or get the new one? (whole point was for me too keep this under £600 i still need a cheap monitor keyboard mouse and to buy windows lol seems unrealistic now)
I wouldn't put a Dell or HP power Supply in an enemies PC. The EVGA on your "wish list" is no better. I linked you an excellent power supply that will give you many years of worry free use.
yeah that was the original wish list with the video i was going to follow.I will probably go for the psu you suggested and the coolermaster 212 if the components all fit etc, still hoping to use the bitfenix midi case so am going into local pc shop to talk to staff who might know, sometimes easier to be reassured in person lol, am extremely worried about buying the pieces then for it all not to work as am not in a position where i can waste money.but you's have been very helpful, thanks

(will i leave this thread open so when i do get the bits or any other problem arise's i will post here?)
I've never used that case so I have no idea. I went to their website and that case sure looks like it will fit with no issues. One of the pics shows it with a large heatsin/fan in it and two long graphiocs cards.
also guy at computer shop didn't think the hyper 212 was a AM3+ socket website isn't really clear anyone able to confirm it will work? also he didn't think the airflow would be good? I thought the fan on the case would pull the hot air out?
He's very wrong. Their site lists AM3+ and a mod here crjdriver uses one (see post#2). You ideally want one fan on the front of the case to draw cooler air in along with the fan that's included with your case.
thanks also would there be enough space with the ram and that fan? this video i watched it didn't really look like there was much space
If you are refering to a 212, it depends on the ram. Ram with large heatsinks will hit the bottom of the fan. On one of my systems, I had to do some "engineering" to get it to fit.

No one can give you a definitive answer whether it will fit; you are going to have to get a ruler or other measuring device and do some work. Every system, ram, case, etc is different. The case mfg almost always has measurements, etc.
is it safe for the ram to be touching the heatsink? whats the solution if the 212 is too big or the ram is too big? from what i have seen it would fit everything the only thing i cant tell is the space for the ram and almost ready to order the bits but this is the last thing i need to check hopefully.
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