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[SOLVED] Boots then Blanks

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Helping a friend with Windows 98. His computer starts to boot, runs through all the dos routines, then the Win98 logo appears, then the screen goes completely blank and the computer shuts totally off. It does this repeatedly. Power supply weak, mother board or other problems?
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Is the machine able to boot in safe-mode? Try tapping F8, or holding down the CTRL key as soon as you see the words "Starting Windows 98" appear. This should take you to a boot-menu from which you can choose to boot into Safe-Mode.

See what happens, then post back with your results.
Mostlikely you have it set to shutdown on All errors. If you change that setting it should correct it. Safe mode for WiN 98 is F8 .
You can also hold down the CTRL key....both will work.

Also, the "Automatically reboot on system failure" option exists on XP and 2000....I was not aware that it existed in any release of Windows 98 (unless there's some sort of 3rd-party application that can be used to set this).....Where exactly in Windows 98 does one go to set the system to "Automatically Shutdown on System Errors".

Lastly, no offense or anything, but your suggestion doesn't really help to solve the actual problem. If there is a automatic shutdown option in Windows 98, then you're really just telling Prideouts to ignore the system errors....this is akin to telling someone to unplug an alarm, as opposed to investigating what's actually triggered that alarm.
I have tried most everything including your suggestions. I did get to the bootlog file and it said Stuck Key. Is it possible it is the keyboard? 0210:Stuck Key 03Dy is the message. Every key on the keyboard seems to work in DOS, of course I can't tell about the F1, F2, etc. Would a stuck key make the whole system shut off???
Thanks for all your help. It turned out to be the mother board. Even though the boot log described a stuck was in fact the motherboard internally thinking it was a stuck key...something like an amputee having an itch on a toe on a missing leg.
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