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(Solved) Backweb Client

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Just need abit of help. Everytime my system starts up I get a message that pop-up.

Backweb Clent
Backweb is unable to access its data directory. Either the data directory is invalid, unreachable or there is another instance of Backweb accessing it.

Would like to know how to resolve this message and/or uninstall Backweb form my programs? How will this effect my system?

Thank you. langnal
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Check out Tony's reply below. If you still need help post the info here. Please let us know when this is solved.
Thanks alot for the info, it was exactly what i needed. The first bit of knowledge worked fine. The source of the problem was in fact the same in software as the another guy. Kodak in this case too. It was solved. Thanks again.

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for your info Langal i too go the backweb from loading kodak software........i wrote them a letter telling them i didnt appreciate having spyware loaded on my computer with their software...I got a response and said they wouldlook into the problem....I doubt it will do much good but if more people complained then maybe it would....
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