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Hi, just noticed this on my brother computer. XP Pro SP2 with a fresh install about a week ago. I had setup windows updates to be automatically downloaded, but not installed.

Now usually the wonderful little yellowish windows update icon will pop up in the the system tray saying updates are downloaded and ready to be installed.

But its not there and wont pop up. I seen it downloading updates not that long ago...and when i go to turn the computer off it will offer to install them prior to shutdown. But wont give me the icon so i can see the updates and pick which ones i want to install.

So far the only thing i have tried is toggleing between the mentioned update download option and the other one for notify, but dont download or install. But that didnt work...

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Try the steps provided by Matt-F at

If that fails to solve your problem, please do the following.

start > run
delete contents of long, skinny, white box
type: eventvwr.exe
Click "ok"
Maximize screen
On the left, left click "applications"
On the right, RIGHT click on an error associated with Windows updates. If you are uncertain, provide information for all errors.
Left click the double sheet of paper icon.
That will copy the information to your clipboard.
Return to this thread.
Right click in the composition area or your reply.
Left click "paste".

Repeat for "system".

Please send a screen shot of the Windows Update page in the control panel.

How to create a screen shot.
Creating a screen shot requires:
1. a keyboard with a key labeled "Print Screen". This may be abbreviated "PrtScn", "PrntScn", or some other variation. It is usually to the right of the F12 key
2. a destination program. Microsoft WordPad, and Paint, which are built into Windows 95 and beyond, as well as Microsoft Word, not a part of Windows will suffice. My favorite is Paint, because it provides the greatest versatility. Paint saves images, by default, as bitmap files [ .bmp ], which are very large files, but we will work around that issue. Paint also provides editing features.
2.a. To open Paint
left click "start"
left click "programs" [ or "all programs" ]
left click "accessories
Left click "paint"
3. Press the "PrtScn" [ or similar button ] on your keyboard.
4. Open the destination program [ see # 2 above ].
5. Maximize the screen of the destination program.
6. Left "edit" across the top.
7. Left click "paste".
8. Save the file to your "Desktop", "My Documents", or other location of your choice.
8.a. If using Paint, save it as a .jpg / .jpeg.
Left click "file"
Left clicks "save as".
Near the bottom, where it says "save as type", left click on the down pointing arrow.
look for jpeg or jpg.
Left click on jpeg or jpg.
Left click "ok".

Come back to this forum & thread.
Left click the button "go advanced".
Left click the button "manage attachments".
Browse to the location of the file.
After you have found the file, left click the button "upload".
When finished, left click "close window".
Left click the button "submit reply".


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If the steps by Matt - F fails, be sure you have read the post by Gilead

Please make sure that when you type in the command prompt

"C:\WUAGENT\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe /wuforce"

there is one space between




If you still have problems, try the steps noted by Jeroen Vost.

Something that has helped me in the past is deleting the c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download to force the updates being downloaded again. If that doesn't work you can try deleting c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution as a whole. (please create a back-up of it somewhere because i don't know if there is usefull stuff in there that won't get recreated)

IF you still have a problem, then check event viewer.


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Hmmm. i trid both and it seemed to work....i got the "install updates" icon back anyways.

But the the majority of the updates kept failing, even after i cleared all the previous downloads out again.

However, im starting to suspect other issues since all these oddites started after i installed the "user profile hive cleanup service".

Gonna tinker with it a little bit more then revert to a previous image before the %$^$ hit the fan....

Thanks, ill post back with details if i find anything else out.
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