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Solved: ATX Board sizes

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What size are most dual-core boards? I recently got a new graphics card, AGP, and now regret not getting PCI-E. I don't want to go wrong here!

I go to my mates house a lot for a few network games and my full-ATX case is just too big. I want to order a micro-ATX case, as my current mobo is micro-atx, but are dual-core boards micro atx or standard?

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Personally, unless you need the small form-factor, I'd be looking at ATX sized boards. As I mentioned, they generally are more "full-featured".
I have a pair of these cases, and right now all you pay is shipping. They have very good airflow, and I didn't have any issues with sharp edges building the systems. It's a no-brainer for me. :) Obviously, you will need a P/S, but you'll want to select a quality P/S, not something that the case manufacturer cut costs on to include in the package.**.node2?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
I just realized that he's in the UK, so I guess the rebate is a non-issue, and the shipping would kill him! :D
PC World? Don't think so... :)
Compiler said:
Jackdw - Please check out your local PC store where you can see, feel and pick up the case. I linked you a good low-cost case w/PSU for ya - thats not expensive. JohnWill's case is quite good, very old thou - as that design has been on the market for about 8 years (unless its a copy of a classic with a light-weight interior) - its hard to tell... There were 2 versions of that OLD design... very HEAVY metal (which I used to own) and ultra light-weight alum... but those tend to cost more.

The really really cheap cases don't have airflow and will cut-ya, fall apart faster, have failing USB ports / buttons.
This case is not really heavy, and it has excellent airflow. I don't know how old the design is, but it works for me just fine. ;) This case is steel, not aluminum, but not real heavy.
It has the air-duct, and it also has really good ventilation through the front panel, something that is frequently missing from many "fancy" cases.
This case has an 80mm fan in front, and a 120mm fan in the rear. With a 120mm fan, it's as quiet as a church mouse, and the MB temperature is only about 5C above room ambient under full load. I don't have a front fan, but there's plenty of venting to allow free airflow. It's steel construction, but fairly lightweight. There is no "quick release" for any of the drives, they mount in pretty conventional mounts with standard screws.

It's not a $200 case, but it's more than sufficient for most folks. :)
Imagine when it arrives! :D
I picked up a pair of CoolerMaster Centurion cases for $40/ea, and they even included a fancy 120mm fan with blue LED's. :)
I think it would be cheaper to just buy a new case with the plexiglass already on it. I've also seen totally clear plastic cases for $70-80, if you really want to reveal yourself. :)
Yep, I'm sure the plastic cases would not be that "durable". :D
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