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Solved: ATX Board sizes

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What size are most dual-core boards? I recently got a new graphics card, AGP, and now regret not getting PCI-E. I don't want to go wrong here!

I go to my mates house a lot for a few network games and my full-ATX case is just too big. I want to order a micro-ATX case, as my current mobo is micro-atx, but are dual-core boards micro atx or standard?

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Keep in mind that the issue of weight and space is the "FULL ATX CASE" more than the motherboard itself. The performance of a non-PC name brand mobo is on par with full size ATX boards, usually. So perhaps just put whatever board into a small light-weght case for gaming? Also, a MicroATX mobo can handle a full size 8800 video card and if needed an audio card.

Look at this case:
You can transfer your PC into something lighter... Also, there are some ultra-light cases that will cost quite a bit more money. This case weighs 18lbs with PSU. Add about 4-5 lbs for HD, DVD and video card, etc. It includes an Active PFC PSU at 380watts that should handle a single GF7900 card.

The LianLi cases tend to be among the lightest cases as well:

Note: bigger PSU tend to be heavier... etc.
Jackdw - Please check out your local PC store where you can see, feel and pick up the case. I linked you a good low-cost case w/PSU for ya - thats not expensive. JohnWill's case is quite good, very old thou - as that design has been on the market for about 8 years (unless its a copy of a classic with a light-weight interior) - its hard to tell... There were 2 versions of that OLD design... very HEAVY metal (which I used to own) and ultra light-weight alum... but those tend to cost more.

The really really cheap cases don't have airflow and will cut-ya, fall apart faster, have failing USB ports / buttons.

Its just kinda HARD to find the light-weight ones as many sites don't list the actual weight.

Now *I* know this case is very light-weight, very quiet (not as much as my Antec P150 I replaced), holds a regular ATX board, up to 4 HDs, 3 Opticals (but keep it light by adding 1HD and 1 DVD burner), looks pretty good and EASY to hide your cables. Also, this case INCLUDES a carrying harness and a hidden-like drawer for dinky stuff. (and is sold in the UK)

I just put it on a scale, it weighs 21.4lbs with a complete setup. (mobo/CPU/2sticks RAM/ DVD-RW, 2x HDs {each HD = 1.5lbs, so that would put it just under 20lbs with a single HD} and an extra large cooling system for the video card. Its about $90USD.

Very easy to work with and show off.

Heres a review:

PS: I've never used the harness since this case is so light. (-20lbs built) vs about 28lbs for a simular mid-tower with steel. or 40lbs for yor full-tower ATX (I'm guessing) - Also, with a smaller modern case - you don't need as many noisy fans to keep the insides cool.
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That design, while OLD - is ONE OF THE BEST cases ever made - IF its the same internal design as the old Antec cases. This design was sold under 10+ different names. It was Alienware's case until a few years ago when they switched to the cases you see today.

Now, there is a company that uses a very simular front bezel to that design, but the interiour is crap... with small pic from that website - I couldn't tell. But when looking on the inside - the drive (HD) cage should be a quick release latch. And the fans (80mm) attachments are also unqie to that design. Its also been used in Thermaltake, Antec, Chieftec and many many more. It comes in heavy steel and lite Alum, the lite version tends to cost more (about $100) vs. the $50 for steel.

I used to have such a case and sold a few... they were quite heavy and the stock fans (until recently) have been noisy. The tower and full tower versions are VERY heavy, you can use them as chairs or murder weapons. But they were designed in the late 90s and don't quite have the thermals or noise enhancements of today's top-end cases.

It was the BEST IN CLASS for its time.
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$100 is expensive for a case... even in todays market. Many of the top end cases are $100~130, with a few $200 ones. The Antec P180 is a LOT of case for $130 - I didn't want it because its bigger than I need and the door.

But at least Coolermaster and Antec does make affordable case or case/PSU combs for that $50~80 price range as well.

If someone wants a good low-cost case/cpu - its $100 easily (coolermaster or Antec), that is as LOW as I go. I never buy the $25~40 combos.

If they have money to spend - then its $100 for the case + $60~80 for a PSU.
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