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Solved: ATX Board sizes

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What size are most dual-core boards? I recently got a new graphics card, AGP, and now regret not getting PCI-E. I don't want to go wrong here!

I go to my mates house a lot for a few network games and my full-ATX case is just too big. I want to order a micro-ATX case, as my current mobo is micro-atx, but are dual-core boards micro atx or standard?

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But I suppose as the year goes on, things get better, and in turn smaller so micro-atx will be much more common soon right?
I know I'd need a new board. That's why I was asking if most dual core boards were ATX or micro ATX.
I was looking at this:

I suppose if I do upgrade to a normal ATX, I can just get a cheap ATX case can't I. It's just that case costs a bundle and I don't want to only get about a year of use out of it.
John, two things:
1. Whats rebate?
2. It looks like a server :confused:
And to add to that I have a rare-to-come-by debit card so paying is often a problem. Do you guys have PC World out in the US? Big red sign... Do they sell cases?
Is it easy to add one of those clear windows to a case?
oh, perhaps I'll take it to the workshop and see what the guys there can do. Oh well, no matters. I'll mark this as solved.

Thanks everyone.
Well I wanted something small and durable because I do LAN parties and have limited space.
I know of the case you mean, looks kool with a few lights! But I think it's anything from durable... one drop and smash. At least with metal it just dents.
I'll just have to make sure I drop this on the side then :D
If you want to see where your going.

Due for delivery either tomorrow (I doubt but hope) or Friday. I'll take some pics if wanted of it all.
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