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Solved: Asking too much from excel?

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I am running excel 2000 within Office 2000 pro.

I am revising an account file that I use in the course of my business.

At the moment it is very bulky as I need to have a separate sheet for the breakdown of each persons individual purchases. These sheets are in the file even though they may not all be used.

These separate sheets are accessed and modified by the cover sheet when the primary client details are entered, and not all the sheets are necessarily used at the time.

Is there any way that a secondary sheet will be raised only when the client's primary information is entered on the cover sheet.

I have been through all excel help sites that I can find and referred to the excel books that are currently available.

I am thinking that this will not be possible. Any thoughts?
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Thanks everyone for the input.

It is pretty well decided that I will not be able to raise a new sheet automatically as I would have liked to.

I can only do it within 1 sheet.

Never mind. I wilkl just have to work around it.

Thanks again.
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