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(Solved) Animation Shop 3 work fuzzy

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I am trying to create a logo for a friend's web project. He is redoing the webpage for a store eventhough he has no html training or nuthin'. He is just now trying to figure Frontpage2000 out and try it from there.
For this logo, he wants the dot on a question mark to either spin or rotate. I sort of got it to spin, see below, but when it moves, it gets blurry. Any suggestions?

It would probby look better here if it had a grey background.
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I looked at it frame by frame and I think it is the font that you used.

So try another font.

By the way what is the font?
Thanks for your input. I got the same question from another forum. It is arial italic but the stroke is set to red and the fill is white. I was playing around with it to make the stroke color off and the fill color red, but I got the same effect.

The only way to fix the blurriness is to copy each frame from Animation Shop 3 (AS3) and paste as new image in PSP7. Use the Effects > Sharpen > Sharpen More to clean it up and paste it back to AS3. I found out later that it was easier to paste it back to the previous frame and use the 'After Current Frame' to get the positoning right. This is a pain in the butt for the next thing he wants to do, have the words go around a circle. I've done 16 frames this way, only a quarter of the way around and the end product looking sloppy. There has got to be an easier way.
Well you can try out Ulead COOL 3D.

Here are some Samples.

The program does a ton of cool things.

I want it but I need a new PC to run it.
Cool stuff for the programmers, wow. I should have gone into web design instead of fixing computers. I would probby be working in that field now instead of cussing the school that told me I'd be making 33 a year now. Liars!

I degress. . .

Na, I was playing around with my AS 3 and for it to work the way I want it to will take too much either work or money. Two things I don't wanna do! He will have to make do with what I can provide him, but I will pass on the link.
I have Animation Shop 3 also but have not used it much so don't know how all of it works.
But you can rotate just the text.
I had a blank background too.
Looks like you rotated the whole frame.
See attactment I did.


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Yes dfinately change the font. But what about when it rotates, can't you have a longer pause in between as it is hard to read what it says.
Yes you can change the speed of each frame.

Have not found out how to have it rotate and spin at the same time and look right but you know there is a way somehow.


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I believe you got it!

I was rotating the frame, not the letters. I did see that after I cleaned up 40 frames of blurry text. I got it slow enough to read but it was herky-jerky.

I was trying to match the font that I used for the question mark, but the name is in that font that you used. See the attachment that was the basis for this design. It also needs to be redone to get that diagonal line out of it.

Thanks for your help, I love this site! No wonder Asendtechnologies Support Board uses the same format! (with lousy pictures. oops, I'm a member there, not a senior member though!)
that looks great. I much prefer it in that shape. Well done :)
Hey your getting closer.

I think I used the Arial font but can't remember.
Your want to use a font that we all have on are PC so it will show up right.

Sorry I wish I knew more about doing this.
I changed the font to arial black, but I couldn't find out how to make the text do the spin. It turned out better than the last one. Here it is.

I wonder why it will not work on my test webpage?

Hit View > Source to see the HTML code for you IE users.

Aahhh ! ! You are helping me out alot! Thanks!
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Hey your getting it.

So you just want it to spin or rotate and spin both?

I trid doing both rotate and spin but I could not get it right.
I only had it rotate then spin.
But you know there is a way somehow.
Just may be more work.
But it will make it harder to read also.

I zoom in on your ? mark and can see the line I think your are talking about and I think it is the way the T is made with the it has \ in it.
Can you change each line so they are not lined up with the T coming down at a \ so it does not look like a line running tru it.

OK I just checked on how I made the text spin.
Open a new box but don't add any text.
Now go to Effects, Insert Text Effects.
Then type in you text and pick " Wheel " from the Effects.

So you use the same thing to color your font as I did?
I used HTML Font Colorizer.
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Yeah, I got it from one of the earlier posts. That is one of the great things about this forum. FREE STUFF

All that AS3 takes is time to play around with it to learn what it will do. Well, with a little help, it took me about a minute! Thanks

It was downgraded to fit the attachment size.
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