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Solved: Alternate text?

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Hi. I know there's alternate text by pressing alt and the keypad (alt+6=♠), but does anyone know if there's text for math, like the Pi symbol?
I Googled this and couldn't find anything about it.
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Howdy midlandman...

Try ALT + 227 in Times New Roman font...

Ya...sure try here...

What you'll be after for the math symbols ( what there are of them ) are the Extended set at the bottom...
midlandman said:
Sorry, I seen the link in your previous post and I thought it was a part of your signature.
I think I might have a bit too much Christmas cheer in me.
Thanks a lot, and have a happy holiday (must be politically correct here) and all the best in the new year to you and the family!
No Problem...:)

Getting some Christmas Cheer here my self :D...

BTW...glad I was able to help, and I don't do PC ( politically correct ), So have a Merry Christmas, and have a safe and happy New Year to you and yours...:D :D :D :up: :up:
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