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(Solved) AG satellite problem

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does any body knows why my AG SATELLITE has stopped workin`? everytime i log on to the internet it desplays a message that says that i`m using an older ver. and i need to download a newer one so when i try to download another one i find the ver. they have is the same as mine . and when i try to download it the download stopes due to technical problems. so does all the users have problems with thier satellites or it`s just me?

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Hi Anispingo,AG is full of spyware,thats why alot of people have problems.I understand there using a new spyware program called Transponder.You can read about spyware and what it does to your system at this link.

If you want to check your computer for spyware download Ad-Aware 5.6 and run it.If you remove the spyware that this program finds you will not be able to use AG.

AG is going the route of Napster , many restricted or unavailable files, by all means though, get adaware, you won't be sorry. If your Virus checker is up to date try Morpheus:

It seems to be the best and easiest to use and as it is peer to peer, doubt it will be shut down. I have heard though people have gotten viruses from it so be sure your dat. files are current and you should be ok...Rhett
hey , u didn`t answer the questetion i asked, why does my AG satellite stopped working does all the users have the same problem or not? that`s wht i need to really know ok guys, does anybody of u know the answer?

thank u all
Hi Anispingo,I tried to find the ans. for your problem,but it seems alot of people are having the same problem as you are.

I still believe its all the spyware they put on there program,thats causing all the problems that people are having.
I heard about this fix and it worked for me, but , I definitely don't want any complaints if it doesn't work for you : install the new AG in the same folder as the older version, click yes if it ask if you want to replace duplicate I said, it worked for me...Rhett
might try this

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Savvy :)
it worked rhett that was good from u

thanx very much
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