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Solved: Acronis TI 10 Problem

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I purchased/downloaded TI10. When I go to scan it (ZASS) I get the following message:

"Invalid size or check sum of file or unsupported compression format - native error: 00008. File processing error, possibly disk is full."

I have two 80GB hard drives - one is empty and the other is about 80% empty. I've downloaded/installed other software today with no problem. I've tried downloading TI10 to several different locations - same error message.

I scan all downloaded files (security precaution) before proceeding. I have TI8 & TI9 exe's backed up - I can scan them with no problem.

I'm XP Pro, SP2.

Appreciate any help. Thank you.
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I would suggest you might get better help on Acronis support forum


I see you have posted there

Sorry but I have no further suggestions. I have stuck with TI 9 as I heard there were unsolved issues with 10

I get a feeling what you are saying is that your security scanner cannot scan TI10 is that correct

It is very possible that TI10 is using a newer version of a compression tool to keep download sizes down & your scanner cannot cope with it
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