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Solved: Access Query Pulling Record with Most Recent Date

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Can someone help me with this query? I am trying to pull the record with the most recent date. I'm clearly not grasping the concept somehow; what am I doing wrong here? Created an overly simple example, attached.


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You should not have the FundID and the Nav in the query because their "Grouping" stops the Max from working.
Unless of course you want the max date for each fund.
You should have just the EffDate and then create a query based on that query and the table joined by the date to bring in the other data.
That will only bring me the one date. Assuming I had many FundId's, many Nav's, and many EffDates, and my desired result was each unique FundId and it's Nav for the most recent EffDate, what is the syntax for that?

Or did I completely misunderstand you? Is the answer a nested query to find the max effdate, and then to pull in the rest of the data?
First for each max date for each fundid have both in th query, I just added another eff date for find id 1 and that worked ok.
but to get the Nav for each one you need a second query which uses the first one and the original table.
You link (Join|) the query and table using both FundId and MaxofEffdate to EffDate and add the Nav
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