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[Solved] 98 Computer Hidden from rest of network (XP, 2000)

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Today I formatted my computer (98) and re-installed everything. I set up my network, and it is connected to the internet, and can print using network printers. The 98 can also view and edit the Win XP and 2000's files. My problem is that the Windows XP and 2000 computers can not see the Win98 computer. I have checked the workgroup and it is the same as others. I can ping the XP and 2000 from the 98, and the XP/2000 to the 98. I can not work out what is wrong.

The Windows XP computer has the following installed:
  • Client for Microsoft Networks
  • Service Advertising Protocal
  • File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
  • Qos Packet Schedular
  • Network Monitor Driver
  • NWLink NetBIOS
  • NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocal
  • Internet Protocal (TCP/IP)

What can I do solve this?
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Try installing the netbuei protocal on all machines 98 has it on the disk but xp hasn't, not sure about 2000. You can get netbuei for xp here

Just had another look at your post and you might want to delete these two protocols first NWLink NetBIOS
NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocal

Then see if they will see each other.
Thanks Hawk,
I installed the NetBeui protocol from my Windows XP disk. Restarted and the XP computer is able to see the 98. Strangely the 2000 can also see the 98 computer, I didn't do anything to it. does not exist, the site has moved to or you can download the zip file from here

The "NWLink NetBIOS" had no uninstall button, and the "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol" had the button, but when pressed said the Service Advertising Protocol was using it.

Thanks :D
Even though my site is listed for downloading NetBEUI, you don't need it to have a network. TCP/IP by itselfe, if configured properly, works just fine. Sometimes the browsing takes a while to take effect.

One easy way to test is to just manually enter the server and share name when making a network connection.
Glad to be of help. I tottally agree with you Bob I've never had a prob with TCP/IP but it seems that some puters or configerations don't seem to play the game with it. John Will explained it once but I can't remember the details :( May be he might see this thread and be able to shed some light on it. I've seen people on TSG that there puters can see each other (XP > 98) but they can't file and printer share, install netbeui and prob solved. :)
Problem: I forgot to test to see if I could edit the 98 computer files from the XP/2000. I tested it and It says "Network Access Denied". What's making it think I don't have network access?
When you set up the shares on the Win98 computer, was it for Read Only Access (the default) or Full?
My fault. I made the shared folder Read only be accident. Sorry
Thanks Bob Cerelli
Thanks everyone else for helping me set up the network again.
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